Kathryn Page, Life Coach

Life Coaching is not therapy or psychology. It is compassionate service. I act as a guide, to help you to transform and uncover what you already know - your own inner source of peace and joy.

A Life Coach is a teacher and supportive friend, of course, but so much more. I create a space and hold it, just for you, within which you can safely explore and I can foster your journey by giving you tools and helping you to learn to use them.

As a mediator, I can observe you and your significant other, roommates, or co-workers and tell you what I see, then suggest methods and skills for communication and interaction that will make it easier to live or work together and restore harmony.

 I have lived with depression/anxiety most of my life. I have learned some ways to cope - techniques that make it easier to live my life in a more satisfying way. They are mostly based on Mindfulness Practices.

I'd love to teach them to you.

They've had many practical applications for me:

  • I don't smoke anymore. Perhaps I could help you quit as well.
  • Going to sleep is no longer an issue for me. I may be able to help you sleep better and get to sleep sooner, too.
  • I can leave the house and go do fun things much more often. Maybe I can help you to feel more motivated and less fearful too.
  • These days I have a group of good friends who love me. Maybe you'd like to enhance your communication skills, your empathy, your compassion, and have more connection in your life as well.
  • I used to have horrible stage fright. Recently I've taught courses, given talks, and I wrote and performed a one-woman show. Perhaps you'd like to learn to step into the spotlight and perform as well, or maybe a bit less nervous with other people.
  • Don't really know what you want? Let's explore that question. It's such a good question.

To know me a bit better, you can check out my blog, or read my story on this site.

I have been a proud part of the San Francisco Queer community for most of my life. With me, you'll find only support, regardless of your sexual orientation or your gender presentation. I understand polyamory and I support monogamy as a choice as well.

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