Kathryn Page, Life Coach

"I see you as already okay, just as you are, right in this moment. My joy is to witness your face light up when you realize that is and always has been true."
Kathryn Page

One Hour Consultation For All New Clients Call 415-577-9164

 I am just a person with something to teach. I've lived with clinical depression most of my life and I've found ways to cope - creative, powerful techniques that seem simple but can have great impact on your daily life. I'd love to share them with you.

First, we'll identify what it is you want, how you want your life to work, and how you want your daily life to look. Then we'll find out what seems to be in your way, and how to meet it with compassion. I can guide you toward ways to cope more skillfully and engage more fully with any circumstance that comes your way. Find out how to create the life you envision and move toward it with confidence and joy.

I have been a proud part of the San Francisco Queer community for most of my life. With me, you'll find only support, regardless of your sexual orientation or your gender presentation. I understand polyamory and I support monogamy as a choice as well. Whatever your choices, whoever you are, I am here for you. Let me give you all of my attention. Your dreams are my dreams.


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