Kathryn Page, Life Coach

I have been a proud part of the San Francisco Queer community for most of my life. With me, you'll find only support, regardless of your sexual orientation or your gender presentation. I understand polyamory and I support monogamy as a choice as well. Whatever your choices, whoever you are, I am here for you. Let me give you all of my attention. Your dreams are my dreams.

Rates are on a sliding scale, kept low so that I can help as many as possible.

Free One Hour Consultation For All New Clients Call 415-577-9164

Life Coaching is not therapy or psychology. It is compassionate service; a guiding toward transformation. I have lived with depression/anxiety most of my life. I am not "cured", but I have learned some ways to cope - ways and techniques that make it easier to live my life in a more satisfying way. They are mostly based on Mindfulness Practices. I'd love to teach them to you.

They've had many practical applications for me:

  • I don't smoke anymore. Perhaps I could help you quit as well.
  • Going to sleep is no longer an issue for me. I may be able to help you sleep better and get to sleep sooner, too.
  • I can leave the house and go do fun things much more often. Maybe I can help you to feel more motivated and less fearful too.
  • These days I have a lovely group of good friends who love me. Maybe you'd like to enhance your communication skills, your empathy, your compassion, and have more support in your life as well.
  • In fact, I'd LOVE to come and help you and your roommates, friends, or significant others work out your conflicts and live together in peace and mutual regard. Mediation is my specialty. Let me observe how you interact, and tell you what I see, and how to be happier together.
  • I used to have horrible stage fright. Recently I've taught courses, given talks, and I wrote and performed a one-woman show. Perhaps you'd like to learn to step into the spotlight and perform as well.
  • Don't really know what you want? Let's explore that question. It's such a good question.

To know me a bit better, you can check out my blog, or read my story on this site.

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